Hello ! 

My name is Eve. I was born in France with two mediterranean background cultures : the heritage of Cataluna and France

I've lived a life of dance, a passion that became my profession and served me well for the last 20 years. My interest in people and culture led me to travel quite a lot and live abroad (USA, Egypt). As i have always been interested in the calling of different culture and their therapeutic approach  (gestalt therapy, shamanism, psycho-genealogy, psycho-body analysis, rebirth, bio-kynesiology, meditation), this interest leads me to the jungian dream interpretation. It has helped me to cure my own ancestral pains without the interference of my own ego. I found serenity and a beautiful way, embracing my dream.

Today I'm very happy to assist you in that dream path of your true self and help you to understand their messages. 


I continue to work on my personal dreams, participate in some dreams working group and I'm engaged in a jungian supervision, essential condition to be a jungian dream analyst.

Certified Dream Analyst

Certified Dream Analyst - Ecole du rêve et des profondeurs

Member of the Symbolic Psychanalyst Association 

Master in  Arts - University of Paris 8
BA in law - University of Montpellier 1