The dream way...

A psychologic and spiritual healing...


Even if we don't remember them - or not always -  we all dream each night. And each night, dreams are delivering a message. They are like open doors to our unconscious. They allow us to understand what's happening in our life without the filter of our own ego. They offer us another point of view, sometimes very surprising, far from what we would have thought about our situation. They give us the possibility of a transformation for our best..

If they reveal the origine of our difficulties and pains, they always offer a possibility of change. Step by step, our psyche get rid of what blocks us , and make us suffer.

From dream to dream, we discover the existence of a power of life inside our psyche which tends to create harmony in our life, opening to the spiritual dimension of humain beings. 

Dreaming is a daily access to a kindly guidance. We just have to collect the dream and contemplate it. I'll be please to offer you my help to understand their message...

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    • individual session

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